'Young Cub' the new self-titled EP Available Now

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Young Cub is:


Based in Chicago, and formerly know as Teds Dancin, Young Cub writes and performs indie rock songs.  Their sound has been shaped by listening to decades of pop music, Built To Spill, Wilco, the blues and midwestern country.

Vocals, Guitar / John Allison
Lead Guitar / Alex Kreisman
Bass, Vocals / Joe Marrin
Drums / Geoff Anderson
Keyboards, Vocals / Adi Kanlick

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Teds Dancin's very first music video, Taunted House, off our debut EP "Give It Time".

New track called Distant Relativity recorded in our practice space.

Holograms / 2.12.15 / Live at Subterranean

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Midwestern Rock and Roll

Young Cub (formerly Teds Dancin) is based in Chicago, Ill.

Their sophomore EP, All Hat, No Cattle was released December 2016 with their debut EP, Give It Time released February, 2015.

Press For Young Cub

Each of Young Cub's EPs (released as Teds Dancin) have been featured on 93.1 WXRT's Local Anesthetic. Their second appearance can be found here.

"I could have played any number of tunes on here (Give It Time EP), but I like what they did with the horns on Taunted House." -Richard Milne, Host of 93.1 WXRT's Local Anesthetic

Teds Dancin was featured in the A.V. Club's 2014 Annual Band Lists under the heading "Celebrities".

Previous Shows

Young Cub have played headlining shows at Empty Bottle, Elbow Room, Cobra Lounge, Subterranean, Quencher's Saloon, The Mutiny, Phyllis’ Musical Inn, Beat Kitchen, Moe’s Tavern, Decibel Bar and The Lagunita’s Tap Room.

Single From Young Cub's second EP All Hat, No Cattle

Tracks From Young Cub's Debut EP Give It Time


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Holograms by Young Cub / 2.12.15 / Live at Subterranean